• Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Color: White
Switch Type: Wall Switch
Delivery: 30-60 Days
Cmdc: ISO9001:2015
According Standard: IEC60669/BS1363
Power Supply: Alternating Current(AC)
US$ 100/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Advise Voltage Range
Rate Current
6A, 10A, 13A, 15A, 16A...
Rate Power
6A, 250V~/13A/10A, 250V~/15A, 250V~/16A, 250V~..
Protection Class
Safety Measure
Prevention From Single Pin Insertion Shutter
Shell Material Character
Fire Protection and Insulation
Minimum Electrical Spacing
5000 PCS
Durable, Insulation
Null Line and Live Line
Home Appliance, Electronics, Lighting, Industrial, Apartment/Villa, Hotel, Commercial, Home
Normal Close
Number of Switch
Multi Control Switch
Power Built-in Type
Control Button, Start Button, Limit Button, Reset Button, Check Button, Playback Switch, Disconnector, Change-over Switch, Control Switch
Single-pole on-off Switch
Contact Type
Type c Contact
Detection Method
Reflection Type
ISO9001, CE
Transport Package
10PCS/Gift Box, 100PCS/CTN
Guangdong, China
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description
1. Rocker With Large Contact Point Of Silver Alloy.
2. All Copper Current-Carrying Parts.
3. Patent Structure: One Inlet And Multi Outlet With Double Control.
4. Easy Mounting, Safety Operation.
5. Hotel Shaver switch.
6. Hotel Key Plug-in Electric socket switch.
7. Fire Protection Shell.
8. Insulated Switches And Sockets.
9. Optical Fibre Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
10. Hotel Do not Disturb Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
11. Need Clean Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
12. Double DP Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
13. Single Switch With Light Can Be Selected To Mount.
14. Lighting Dimmer With Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
15. Fan Dimmer With Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
16. Bell Push Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
17. Voice Operated Switch Can Be Selected To Mount.
18. USB Ports Can Be Selected To Mount.
19. Usually with sockets.
20. 100000 times switch warranty.
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
1. Wall switch socket allows to power to up to many devices. It's ideal for smart phones, ipad, tablet, computer, refrigerator, washing machine, games console etc, the USB ports (Some Socket have) come in handy to charge your phone/tablet which saves you using pc ports to do the job.
3. ON & OFF POWER SWITCH on each layer let you quickly and safely control the flow of electricity with a single touch. Each row can be turned on/off individually by the power button on the side to save electricity.
4. MAXIMUM Rate Power for all your valuable electrical products for home and office use standard Multi plug, simple plug and play, CE certified and BS1363 compliant.
5. HIGH QUALITY MATERIA: Fireproof ABS plastic, PVC copper cable, advanced flame-resisting materials, fire-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistant.
6.  Easy to mount.
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
Product Item: Wall Switch (16A 250V~ switch, 20A 250~ switch, 13A 250V~ switch, 15A 250~ switch, 10A 250V~ switch, 110-250V switch, 45A 250V~ switch, 500W 250V~ switch, 3A 250V~ switch, 250W 250V~ switch,  Key Plug-in electric socket, Donot disturb switch, Need clean switch, Hotel shaver switch, Signle/Double DP switch with light, Lighting/Fan dimmer switch, Bell Push switch, and Other combination switches.)
Manufacturer: Heshan Yiyuan City Electrical Industry Co.,Ltd
Appearance: The surface is smooth, without obvious defects or edges
Mark: Correct content with clear logo, and resistant to friction
Size: Dimensions meet relevant standards and can pass relevant gauge test
Creepage spacing: <3 MM
Shell Material: Flame/Fire retardant ABS/PC/PP/Bakelite, Insulation and High temperature resistance
Metal Material: 100% Copper, Copper current- carrying parts
Insulation: Insulation material
Protection Class: IP20
Shutter Inspection(Switch Socket): The corresponding plug is inserted and unplugged 10 times make sure the shutter can be opened smoothly and put back in place completely 
On/off Times: 100000 Times Test
Withdrawal Force(Switch Socket): After Plug10 times, the max withdrawal force is (BS)36N(IEC)50N and with the corresponding lifting gauge test, 30S do not drop
Electric Strength: 2200V 10mA 1min No Brokendown
Temperature Rise: <45k
Insulation Resistance Large than 5 m Ω
Voltage Test(Switch Socket): 100% online test for installation, Make sure normal power and correct indication
Pull Test For Plug(Switch Socket): The plug can be inserted and pulled out smoothly, with clamping force and no loosening
High Temperature Test: Over 750 Degree.
Quality Standard: ISO9001:2015/BS1363/BS546/IEC60669/IEC60884/SABS164/VDE0620/CEE
Packing: 1pcs/poly bog, 10pcs/gift box, 200pcs/Ctn.
Poly bag contains product and two screws. Packaging Can be customized.

Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Product Benefits:

Insulated Backer
Made from resin, this premium quality wall plate now provides an energy-efficient insulated fire-retardant foam gasket that is pre-cut and mounted on the back to help retain both heating and cooling through your electrical box.

Easy Installation 
Mounting screws are included, do not over tighten upon installation. Safe for installations in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, with no need for special cleaners.

  • Locate the breaker and turn off all the power to your electrical outlet
  • Remove the existing face plate using a hand held screw driver
  • Place the new face plate over the electrical socket
  • Screw in the face plate using coordinating mounting screws until they feel snug, but do not over tighten
  • Turn your power back on

Did you know electrical outlets can be the cause of 2% heat/cooling loss in your home? Installing insulated switch plates will help to prevent this energy loss. Made from resin, this premium quality wall plate will enhance the beauty of any room, and now provide an energy-efficient insulated foam gasket in the back that retains both heating and cooling.

Scratch and Stain Resistant
Ideal for any application because our patented high technology provides a scratch and rust resistant surface that protects against stains.

Wall Plate Configurations
We offer a variety of electrical face plate configurations including single gang and 2 gang switch, as well as 1/2/3/4/5/6 way options to coordinate with any electrical outlet, light switch or dimmer application.

Recommended Care and Maintenance:

1. To clean, use any ordinary household cleaner. For best results, we recommend a liquid, non-abrasive cleaner
2. Do NOT clean with scouring pads, steel wool, or other abrasive implements or damage to the surface may result
3. Cleaners containing ammonia, bleach or other harsh chemicals should be wiped up shortly after application or damage to the surface may result
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
Dimension - 94x94x8.5mm(86 type receptacles, switches panel);  Material: ABS/PC plastic/Bakelite, flame retardant and Insulation material, more reliable and durable. Color:White/Grey/Custom.
Features - Allows you to run high and low voltage cables behind the wall so your TV and furniture can be mounted or placed flush against the wall.
Advantages - Wall Switch Socket is not only beautiful and durable, but also waterproof and dustproof.
Application - Wall switch box use for home decor, commercial and industrial environments such as kitchens, living rooms,restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, workshops, airports, stations and other public areas etc.Widely used for surface mount installation in hard wall or open office environments
Package content - Wall switch socket, Install Screw, Product Brochure(Some Products Have)
Color Difference  - Use the same raw material, and mass production, to eliminate the same batch of color difference
Insulation Backer - Increase energy efficiency with an insulated barrier that retains both heating and cooling
Easy Operation - Comes with mounting screws for installation using a hand held screw driver, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS
SCRATCH AND STAIN RESISTANT - High technology is made for wet areas providing a scratch and rust resistant surface that protects against stains
SCRATCH AND STAIN RESISTANT - 1 gang, 2 gang and 3 gang electrical outlet cover, with toggle light switch plate and rocker plate options.
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Not Only A Light Switch: POKA wall switch is a standard single/double pole rocker switches, just a screwdriver is enough to replace any standard switches with ease; Built-in hidden neon lamp protect kids from electrical shock; The hidden guide light shines a pool of soft, like the lighthouse on the sea, glare-free lighting that is just bright enough to light a pathway to where you are going in your home, prevent you from stubbing your toes or falls during midnight.
  • Widely Applicable: Just the right amount of light from a neon on the bottom edge of the light switch(not super bright like a night light), that doesn't interfere with sleep; don't need to turn on the ceiling light and hurt eyes in the middle of the night; also helps locate the light switches at night; don't have to fumble for the light switch; you can use the neon night light wall switch for the outside lights and check the neon at night to make sure you have turned the outside light or other appliance power off.
  • Energy Efficient: There have a small neon light for you the check the light or other appliance turn on or not, if the neon is not bright, means the power was off, that can save money on your electricity bill.
  • Frees Up Outlets: POKA light wall lighted switch gallantly blends the features of a wall socket and guide-light together, Saves space by eliminating the need to use an outlet for a plug-in night light, you can finally use all of the outlets in your house. don't let standard, bulky night lights dominate your hallways, bathrooms, or children's bedrooms anymore.
  • Standard Light Switch: POKA illuminated light switch identical to standard decorator rocker light switches; single/double pole electrical light switch can be choose; ISO9001:2015/ IEC 60669/ IEC 60884/ BS4662 standards, self-grounding; easy to install, provide both quick push-in wiring and side wiring; compatible with LED, CFL, and other bulbs, also other appliances; The shallow body design fits standard 1/2/3 gang, and most electrical device boxes; we provide 2-year warranty.
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
  • Easy Installation
Provide both quick push-in wiring and side wiring, like a typical light switch and there's no special wiring. just replace your old switch and it just works.
  • Family Protection
LED Night light built-in rocker light switches, won't harm to kids and others who might touch it. illuminate the floor or step-edge for safe footing, prevent you stepping on toys at dark.
  • Widely Applicable
Home Appliance, Electronics, Lighting, Industrial, Apartment/Villa, Hotel, Commercial, Home, ects.
  • Nightlights
The neon light switches were standard rocker light switches, look almost exactly alike from the outside. mount it in the kitchen, stairs, hallway, and anywhere you need a guiding light.
  • Free up electrical outlets
With neon light, no need to buy the huge night light, and also no need extra socket outlet for night light.
  • Low Energy Consumption
It takes a very small amount of power to drive the neon light, compared with the huge LED or other blub night light its power could negligible.
  • Standard Rocker Light Switch
ISO9001:2015/ IEC 60669/ IEC 60884/ BS4662 standards.
  • Just the right amount of light
Don't need to turn on the ceiling light and hurt eyes at middle of the night;softly neon lights are a good guide for anyone to prevent trip on anything; just the right amount of light that doesn't interfere with sleep; Great idea to free up electrical outlets, hidden neon night light built-in light switch. Some places need light and there are no practical outlets in the area for a plug in nightlight, nightlight rocker switches solves the problem. If you have kids or aged parent and worried about them find the way to the bathroom at night, or want a low light nightlight for their room - illuminated light switch just what you need.

Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Company certification: ISO9001:2015, SGS audit factory, QMS Certification, BSI Certification, MIC excellent manufacturer, ALBB excellent manufacturer, Guangdong high-tech enterprise, Tax Credit Certificate Level A.
Trade Mark: POKA
Patent certificate:  More Than 50 patent
Lampholder certificate: UL, ITS report, SIRMI, CCC
Gemany extension socket certificate: CE, ETS, LVD (VDE standard)
Plug: ASTA, ITS report, SONCAP, ROHS, SGS report, SIRMI, TUV, CCC
Switch Socket: CB, ITS report, SASO, SNI, SONCAP, MS report, LVD, SIRMI, CCC
Quality Standard: ISO:9001 2015/BS1363/BS546/IEC60669/IEC60884/SABS164/VDE0620/CEE/GB
Packaging & Shipping
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121
Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Advantage of POKA(To be your most trustworthy partner)

1. Since 1985 we have More than 33 years of production experience. Specialized in the production of Sockets, Switch sockets, Extension sockets, Plugs, Adapters, Lamp holders, Wire and Connection boxes...
2. Various kinds of specifications can be choose and customized. (Except some confidential design)
3. Quality control: Adhere ISO9001:2015 quality management ensure that each product meets the certification requirements.
4. Shorter lead time: Our company enjoys stable pool of young staff, which improves our efficiency in production and enables us to guarantee prompt shipment, shortening lead time for your shipment.

Packing Details:
1. If the quantity is big enough ,we can do the packaging according to your requirement.
2. Each product is sealed by polythelene bag .It can be always in good condition.
3. Goods are using standard packaging.

1. Our customers are all around the world and the quantity demand is large.After the payment ,the samples will be sent ASAP.
2. After confirming the payment ,the samples will be sent by DHL,UPS,FEDEX.
3. We can help your agent which in china to deal with the exporting process.
4. The goods also can be exproting by your trading company. 
5. You can contact our sale department for more details.

Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Company Profile

Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

Company Profile

Year Established  1985
The EnterPrise Covers the Products Wall switch sockets, Extension Sockets, Adapters, Lamp Holders ects.
Own Brands & Certificate   POKA; BSI & ISO 9001:2015
Service ODM/OEM
Factory Size & Location 120000 sqm;   Guangdong,China
Workshops 14
Injection Molding Machines 60 Sets
Workforce 1200 workers
R&D Team  25 engineers
Marketing Team More than 20 salers
Product Models Over 5000 types

About Us

Heshan City YiYuan Electrical Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1985. It is a Private Enterprise. Located in the No.305 GongJian Road, west industry zone of Gonghe Town,Heshan and JiangMen City in the GuangDong Province of China.

We own the 120000 square meters land of which the company is built; the standard workshop is 40000 square meters; the registered capital is RMB 9800,0000; the fixed assets amounts to RMB 1.5Billion; our products are principally sold abroad, and the annual turnover reaches approximately U.S. Dollars 80Million.

We are a known professional manufacturing company of electrical products. We strive to provide the best quality, value and service at the most competitive cost. We believe by clearly communicating expectations and working closely with our clients to continuously improve processes, part designs and delivery methods, there will be a mutual contribution to enhanced future competitiveness and success. Our product lines continues to expand, and are tailored to meet the needs of the future. Together we will address all aspects of cost reduction, waste elimination and improvement in efficiency in the ever changing global supply environment.

Heshan City YiYuan Electrical Industry Co., Ltd continuing success and prominent growth is the result of well trained and competent staff of 1800 persons and its readiness to accept modern method to skillfully integrate new technologies, and to maintain professional management is its strength.
Our philosophy is "FOUNDATION, PROGRESS THEN SUCCESS". The art of coming together would be the Foundation of a new establishment; maintaining a good working relationship with the client is Progress, and being able to work together is Success!

POKA Values

Develop, Innovation, Dynamic, Active
Honest, Social Morality
The Equal Opportunities
Recognition, Career development & Progress, Justice
Open to Change
Continuous improvement, Learning, Paticipantion, Strong Adaptability
Leadership, Teamwork, Empowerment, Risk-taking
Mutual Respect, Sympathy, Trust, Dignity, Justice
To improve the quality & safety for our people, customers and society.

To be globally recognized for the next generation.

To become a multinational, offering "Value for Life" advanced household electric solution by establishing long lasting partnership with employees, customers and suppliers.
Our Advantages

Smart Home Automatic Controller Fire Proof ABS Switch with Good Price Ws121

1. POKA R&D Team Description:
*We're professtional team. Our members have many years of professional background in electical safety from the leading domestic security companies.
*We're young team. Our average age is only 30, full of vigor and innovation.
*We're a focused team. We firmly believe that a safe brand comes from the trust of our customers.
*We're team with dreams. We come from all over the world because of a common dream: to be a really good information security enterprise, to provide customers with the most reliable security protection on the Internet.

*Are these team members qualified?
    A: Yes. All team members are qualified with electrical testing.
*Is your lab qualified?
    A: Our lab is qualified with Guangdong Immigration Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
*How many sets of equipment do you own?
    A: More than 20 sets in the lab, but so many in the workshops.
*How often you make maintainance for the equipment?
    A: Every months, because the large quantity requirements, we have to keep the machine running properly at all times.

3.Trade Fair Since 1990
China Commodity Trade Fair Spring & Autumn
Hongkong Trade Fair HKTDC  Spring & Autumn
Russian Mosco Crocus-Expo IEC Fair  Spring
Germany IFA - Consumer Electronics Unlimited  Autumn
Dubai international building materials exhibition five industries
Jakarta international exhibition of electric energy and electric power distribution
Malaysia Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Fair


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